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Company profile

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Jiangsu Aidefu Latex Products Co., Ltd. was founded in December 1994, located in the hinterland of the Yangtou River Delta economic circle, after nearly 30 years of hard work and development, has grown into one of the large latex foam products suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region. In August 2019, the company completed the equity transfer, with Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., LTD. (A-share code: 601118) holding 80%, and transformed into A state-owned mixed-ownership enterprise. The main business is the production and sales of natural latex rolls, mattresses and pillows, as well as OEM and ODM. 
The company has two production bases, namely Jiangsu Aidefu factory and Anhui Aidefu factory, covering a total area of about 160,000 square meters. There are 15 production lines for latex mattresses and 3 production lines for latex pillows. The production line is designed to produce 31 million square meters of latex mattresses and 1.92 million latex pillows. 
Company has six invention patent, 39 utility model patents and 3 patents of appearance, is the National High and New Technology Enterprise, China tropical agricultural academy of sciences institute of rubber latex products research and development base, postdoctoral innovation practice base in Jiangsu province, engineering technology center of Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province enterprise technology center, and many other enterprise qualification, Has won the China rubber industry top 100 enterprises (latex products) the fourth honor. 
Aidefu has always been committed to the field of latex foaming and latex bedding industry, to focus on and professional attitude for the market to provide more intimate services and quality products.

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